G’day Canucks – Quiz #3

So, you think you know about platypuses and skunks – let’s see!

As usual, there is one rule – don’t google the answers.

Click on the link below to access the quiz.

G'day Canucks Quiz #3

If you want to access the survey from your email inbox, just go to this link:


The person scoring the highest will have their name posted in lights in the G’day Canucks comments section (how’s that for inspiration?)

Good luck


Picture credit – http://pl.atyp.us/platypix/index.html

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4 Responses to G’day Canucks – Quiz #3

  1. nicolegodwin says:

    Scott Morton is the first to get every question right, even the one about funnel stockings, snake bats and strange bike helmets, which seems to be stumping lots of people! Well done. You must be part Aussie and part Canuck.

  2. nicolegodwin says:

    Drum roll please… The second person to get 100% in the quiz is…
    Wait for it…
    Lindy Tunstall
    Woo hoo!!

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