Let’s compare

Thanks to Government web sites and fact sheets (mostly from Foreign Affairs and Statistics agencies in both countries), plus a few other off the beaten track sites, I’ve compiled a list of Canadian-Australian comparisons. I’ll keep adding to the list when I come across new information.



Population 22.8 million 33.6 million
Total area 7.74 mill km2 9.98 mill km2
Capital city Canberra (population in 2011 – 347,000) Ottawa (population in 2010 – 920,000)
Median age 37.3 39.5
Unemployment rate 5.2 % (Jan 2012) 7.5 % (Jan 2012)
Official Language English English and French
Life expectancy at birth 81.63 years 80.4 years
Number of shark attacks 2000-2010 120 attacks, 13 fatalities I can’t find any record of attacks in Canada.
No. killed by bears 2000-2010 0  (koalas really aren’t that savage. And did you know they really aren’t bears!) 14 fatalities
GDP per capita $66,984 US $51,147 US
No. of medals at 2008 Beijing Olympics 46 in total (14 gold) 18 in total (3 gold)
No. of medals at 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics 3 (2 gold) 26 (14 Gold)
Highest mountain Mount Kosciuszko 2,228 metres (7,309 ft) high Mount Logan, 5,959 metres (19,551 ft) high
Main export destinations China 26.4%, Japan 19.1%, Republic of Korea 9.2% United States 74.9%, United Kingdom        4.1%, China 3.3%

2 Responses to Let’s compare

  1. toni says:

    Aaron says: Mt Kosciuszko is not actually Australias highest mountain! It is Mt McClintock… In the Australian Antartic territory, at 3,490 meters…. He does listen in class…..

    • nicolegodwin says:

      He’s a clever lad!! When I was researching my facts I did come across this one, but I decided to keep it as Mt Kosciuszko because it is the highest on the Australian mainland.Thanks for keeping me on my toes Az!

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