Unique and stunning rock art – one of my favourite places…

Raw, unique and stunning rock art

Imagine delicately balancing rocks, or should I say boulders, precariously on top of each other to make mind blowing art work. That’s exactly what John Felice Ceprano does at the Remic Rapids on the shore of the Ottawa River.

And the really amazing thing is that his art only last about five months. The sculptures get knocked down or washed away as the ravages of winter set in and the river level rises.

Each year John Felice Ceprano creates sculptures using only rocks and stones available at the site. He carefully selects and balances each rock, creating unique and beautiful artwork. Most of the pieces seem impossibly poised with only small stones or shards of rock holding them in place.

As for John Felice Ceprano, he’s one of the most chilled out people I’ve ever met. There’s not an ounce of apparent stress; he oozes peace, love and happiness! And this is the man who has given 25 years to his river rock art, plus half a finger which he lost when a boulder had it’s own idea about where it wanted to go.

You can see more of John Felice Ceprano’s rock art at www.jfceprano.com.

Peace out…


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1 Response to Unique and stunning rock art – one of my favourite places…

  1. Pam Kyle says:

    I love these, such a pity I was too late to see them when I visited you at the end of April.

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