Try your luck in the first Aussie and Canuck quiz

So, you think you know a few things about Australia and Canada. Put your knowledge to the test with a short quiz I’ve created just for G’day Canucks. It will only take 2 minutes!!

Click on the Aussie/Canuck Quiz #1 link below to start.

Aussie/Canuck Quiz #1

Anyone who scores full marks gets their name in lights on the G’day Canucks Blog! Now there’s a reason to try really hard!

And definitely no googling the answers please!

I’ll keep you updated with the results from the quiz in the comments section of this post.

Good luck.


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4 Responses to Try your luck in the first Aussie and Canuck quiz

  1. nicolegodwin says:

    Anne, Maur Maurs and Kas have blitzed the field with 100%.

    Lots of clever folks have only had one or two wrong! Keep them coming.

    Oh, and I think I had better write a post on beaver tails for a few confused Aussies!

  2. Jeff Wiseman says:

    I only got 78% not to bad for a dumb aussie?? Good work please keep it up and enjoy rgs Jeff & Marg.

  3. nicolegodwin says:

    We have another 100% – well done Jonathan!!

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