Beavertails anyone?

A beaver, with a pastry-shaped tail!

This, my friends, is a beaver!!

Sadly, I didn’t take this photo and haven’t seen a beaver in real life – yet!  I have however seen a beavertail.


Let me catch you up!

Way back in 1978 a new pastry hit the streets in Canada. It was long and flat and shaped like a beaver’s tail, so naturally it was called just that!

Choc-hazlenut beavertails – photo from BeaverTails site

Since then beavertails have become part of Canada’s cultural identity. There are over 80 BeaverTails outlets across Canada and even two in Saudi Arabia. Rumour has it that there may soon be outlets in Japan, Lebanon and Egypt.

Whenever visitors from Australia arrive I always make sure they experience a beavertail. The pastry tastes similar to a dounut, but you can get a variety of toppings. You can play it safe and order an original beavertail with cinnamon, sugar and lemon, or you can order one of the savory toppings available such as cheese and garlic, or if you are feeling like a sugar rush, you have an array of choices. Here’s just a few:

Cinamon and apple beavertails - photo from BeaverTails site

Cinnamon and apple beavertails – photo from BeaverTails site

  • Maple butter (this isn’t really butter; it’s a pure maple syrup product)
  • Chocolate hazelnut
  • Banana and chocolate
  • Apple and cinnamon (with swirls of caramel)
  • Cheesecake
  • Vanilla icing with crumbled Oreo
  • Chocolate hazelnut with Reese’s Pieces and peanut butter drizzle

To be left in no doubt as to their popularity, the BeaverTails company use 21.1 tons of chocolate hazelnut spread per year – equivalent to the weight of five elephants and 12 beavers.

Special notice: No beavers were harmed in the writing of this post.


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12 Responses to Beavertails anyone?

  1. Demetrius Tucker says:

    I’ll definitely try this.

  2. Gemma says:

    Maple butter…mmmmm…

  3. Kathleen Martin says:

    Sounds delish! Learn how to make them so you can treat us all when you get back to Oz!

  4. Pam Kyle says:

    I recommend the maple butter, yummmmm! Loved it even though I ended up with it all over my jacket 🙂

  5. Tracy Wiseman says:

    Jayden loves these doesn’t he?

  6. Rachel says:

    We spent less that 24 hours in Canada and spent at least three of those hours looking for beavertails in Vancouver… to no avail. Where were they? Even with a local guide (cousin), we still couldn’t find any!

    On another note… I never quite realised what a beaver looked like before. I had no idea they looked so much like a back-to-front platypus. Who took a platypus bill and decided to use it for a tail on a giant squirrel? (Not that I’m overly familiar with what squirrels look like, either.)

  7. Terry Bailey says:

    Looking forward to my next beaver tail. The one with Nutella and banana looks delicious 😇

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