Try your luck in the world’s second ever G’day Canucks quiz

G’day all,

By popular demand I’ve put together another G’day Canucks quiz.

The rules are simple – please don’t Google the answers, just use what’s in between your two ears!!

Click on the button/link below to access the quiz.

Take Our Quiz!

Anyone scoring 100% will be made world famous by getting their name in the comments section of the G’day Canucks blog.

Good luck


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9 Responses to Try your luck in the world’s second ever G’day Canucks quiz

  1. Barbie says:

    Okay, I suck. I kept second guessing myself!

    Lots of fun, keep them coming!

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Nic,

    Damper made me think for the longest time and of course I still didn’t get it right! *sigh*

    As for the answer to the canal question … are you sure of the value? I protest as a card-carrying Canadian!! 🙂

    And here is my question to everybody:

    Do you know what a ‘kangaroo’ is in Canadian slang?


    • nicolegodwin says:

      Your protest has been upheld – you are right!! You had the right length of the canal. I’ve fixed it in the quiz now. Sorry about that. Lucky you were on the ball!

      And no, I can’t even guess what kangaroo would be in Canadian slang. A jumper?

      Thanks for keeping me on my toes!!

      • Scott says:

        Phew … ok I climb up in percentage a little bit but I still missed a lot.

        A kangaroo is a hooded-sweater with pouches in the front but here is where it gets fun.

        I grew up in Saskatchewan and this same article of clothing is called a ‘bunny-hug’. Usually anyone outside of Saskatchewan would have no idea what this means.

  3. nicolegodwin says:

    Strangely that makes sense – the hooded sweater with a pouch being called a kangaroo, Not the bunny-hug!!!!

  4. Tracy Wiseman says:

    Thank goodness our results are not published. I am ashamed. I will pay more attention the next time we speak when you talk about Canada.

  5. nicolegodwin says:

    Sharon B – you are the front runner at the moment with only one question wrong!

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