Beware of the freezing fog

Minutes before this picture was taken dozens of people were throwing snowballs and frolicking. This is irrefutable proof that freezing fog disintegrates people. Picture by N.Godwin

[To be read with scary horror movie music in the background – or maybe Jaws music would be more appropriate – you choose!]

I have just locked the doors and bordered up the windows. Something strange and mysterious is occurring outside.

My terror started this morning when I checked the weather forecast. I am seasoned to just about any weather condition. I’ve survived freezing rain, hail showers, snow blizzards, and even light drizzle. But never have I encountered freezing fog!!

At first I thought it was a joke. But then I turned to the ever reliable and trustworthy Google to calm my fears.

Apparently it’s real! And it’s out to get you.

The official definition is that freezing fog contains supercooled water which freezes upon contact with objects it encounters, forming a layer of ice.

In my mind this is much like being turned to dust and disintegrating on the spot.

Before I checked the weather forecast one of my sons already left the house and, sadly, I will probably never see him again.

I am now sitting and continually refreshing the weather site until they tell me it’s safe to go out.

If you don’t hear from me again, please spread the word about the dangers of this ghastly terror.


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5 Responses to Beware of the freezing fog

  1. Anne says:

    Your son is in good hands! He is with a very experienced outdoorsman who can handle any weather conditions and he can even do it on ski’s!

  2. barcolvin says:

    Loved this post! So funny! You should go to Newfoundland if you want to really experience fog!

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