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Introducing… milk jugs

“Why would you want to write about milk jugs? That’s a stupid idea for a post,” said the  little man dressed in hockey gear who just popped onto my left shoulder. “It’s a great idea. They don’t have them in … Continue reading

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Earth lights

This is one of my favourite images (thanks NASA). It’s a satellite picture of the earth at night. It gives me a real sense of how few people there are in Australia and Canada compared to some of the other … Continue reading

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Unique and stunning rock art – one of my favourite places…

Imagine delicately balancing rocks, or should I say boulders, precariously on top of each other to make mind blowing art work. That’s exactly what John Felice Ceprano does at the Remic Rapids on the shore of the Ottawa River. And … Continue reading

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How to speak Aussie

My son has a friend who has been trying to perfect an Aussie accent for the last year. Every time he comes to our place he fires off his latest attempt at saying g’day. I must admit, a few times … Continue reading

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G’day Canucks and Aussies

G’day Canucks and Aussies, I’ve set up this blog to give you a peek into some of the wonderful things I’ve observed, laughed at or considered pretty damn peculiar, in the land of maple syrup, beavers and hockey. I’ll also … Continue reading

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