Try your luck in the world’s second ever G’day Canucks quiz

G’day all,

By popular demand I’ve put together another G’day Canucks quiz.

The rules are simple – please don’t Google the answers, just use what’s in between your two ears!!

Click on the button/link below to access the quiz.

Take Our Quiz!

Anyone scoring 100% will be made world famous by getting their name in the comments section of the G’day Canucks blog.

Good luck


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Come to Australia where you might accidentally get killed…

Get your Snake sticks ready!

As a follow up to my last post Creepies and Crawlies – No Worries, I thought this YouTube clip was most appropriate!

Come to Australia where you might accidentally get killed…



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Creepies and Crawlies – No worries!

An inland taipan – photo from

Australia has a unique reputation as a tourist destination. On one hand, many Canucks I’ve met would give up maple syrup and beavertails (but not hockey) to visit Australia. It’s a dream destination that they want to get to ‘someday’. But, on the other hand, they’re a tad scared of Aussie creepies and crawlies!

The fact is that you needn’t be scared of snakes, spiders and other critters. You just need to be aware of the places they are found, be vigilant and take a few minor precautions. I’ve listed a few tips below.

The inland taipan snake is the deadliest snake in Australia. Over 80% of inland taipan deaths occur in a person’s own bed. But many of these deaths can be avoided. They love dark warm places and often find their way into houses and settle themselves under pillows or blankets on beds. It is recommended that you have a long stick handy to hit your pillow and bed each night before you get in. Most Aussies have a snake stick next to their beds. Continue reading

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Outrageous facts about skating in Australia

Delude indoor rink in Ottawa (Pic by N.Godwin)

How many indoor ice rinks do you think there are in Australia? Go on, say a number out loud. Bear in mind that Australia’s population is 22 million.

There are in fact only 22 rinks. That’s one rink for every 1 million people!!!

In my home town, Canberra, we have one rink. It costs $14 per person (plus $3 skate hire each). So, for my family of five it is an expensive outing costing $70 (or $85 with skates). In Ottawa it only costs $5 for my family to skate indoors. If I want to skate outdoors, I have the choice of countless rinks that pop up over winter in local parks, or the longest skating rink in the world- the Rideau Canal. And all of these are free – nada – nothing – zero!

Now have a guess how many indoor rinks there are in Canada…

Continue reading

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Let’s Compare

I’ve just added a new page to G’day Canucks which includes a whole lot of useful and not so useful comparisons between Australia and Canada.

Click here to see serious information such as population comparisons and the highest mountains as well as statistics that every Canuck and Aussie should know on shark attacks, bear attacks and Olympic medal counts!

I’ll keep adding the the page as new vital bits of information come to hand!



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The ‘T’ Word

On my son’s first day at school he put up his hand and asked if he could go to the toilet.

Aussies reading this can’t yet see the issue…

Little Canucks, however, caught on straight away and responded as only 11 year olds can with giggling and snorting laughter.

You see, Canadians don’t say the ‘T’ word (in a hushed whisper, “Yes I mean toilet”). It’s a bit like saying Voldemort.

What he should have said was, “Can I please go to the washroom?” Continue reading

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Beavertails anyone?

A beaver, with a pastry-shaped tail!

This, my friends, is a beaver!!

Sadly, I didn’t take this photo and haven’t seen a beaver in real life – yet!  I have however seen a beavertail.


Let me catch you up!

Way back in 1978 a new pastry hit the streets in Canada. It was long and flat and shaped like a beaver’s tail, so naturally it was called just that! Continue reading

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Try your luck in the first Aussie and Canuck quiz

So, you think you know a few things about Australia and Canada. Put your knowledge to the test with a short quiz I’ve created just for G’day Canucks. It will only take 2 minutes!!

Click on the Aussie/Canuck Quiz #1 link below to start.

Aussie/Canuck Quiz #1

Anyone who scores full marks gets their name in lights on the G’day Canucks Blog! Now there’s a reason to try really hard!

And definitely no googling the answers please!

I’ll keep you updated with the results from the quiz in the comments section of this post.

Good luck.


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Let’s talk loonies and toonies…

Aussie and Canuck coins (picture NGodwin)

“Can I have a loonie or a toonie? What about a few quarters? I just want to buy some gum!” pleaded my kids. They’ve got the Canadian money lingo down pat.

They know their pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies. And yes – I’m serious all the Canadian coins have nicknames!!

In Australia five cents is called, umm, five cents. Ten cents is… surprise surprise… ten cents. Continue reading

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Pencils, tuques, lollies, duo-tangs and more…

A pencil (aka pencil crayon) – photo NGodwin

Pencils or pencil crayons?

On the first day of school my children came home with a list of school supplies to be purchased. No big deal! Surely we use the same language with stationery. A pen is a pen, a stapler is a stapler. Hmmm. Maybe not. The third item on the list was pencil crayons. Do they mean pencils or crayons?

Luckily, a new friend and kind soul, took pity on the  Aussies (who obviously couldn’t speak Canadian) and helped decipher the list.

We now know that pencils are called pencil crayons, textas are markers and rubbers are erasers. But what about duo-tangs?

Continue reading

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